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Founded in 2005 by a nationally recognized leader in cardiology, Dr. Louis A. Cannon, we are a uniquely structured venture capital firm focused on transformative medical technologies. Our team composition includes renowned healthcare clinicians and executives, medical thought leaders and financial professionals, differentiating us within the industry and mitigating risk through our holistic, disciplined investment process. Today, we encompass five venture capital funds, with successful early- and late-stage investments focusing primarily on the fields of cardiology, orthopedics, and robotics. Our mission, to make a difference in patients' lives while providing returns for our investors, remains steadfast and is the foundation of everything we do. 

BioStar Capital Elements Image
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Our unique business model includes more than 100 cutting-edge and experienced medical practitioners, including a select team of Medical Venture Partners (MVPs), who collaborate with our financial experts to evaluate clinical significance, originality, likelihood of market acceptance and comparative advantage. 

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