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Realizing the potential of transformational medical technologies
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BioStar continues to focus on making impactful and transformational investments in medical technologies including devices, digital health, robotics, and diagnostics with an emphasis on cardiovascular and orthopedics, two of the most dynamic areas of growth in healthcare.


The firm was founded by clinician thought leaders, renowned in the health care space for innovation and technology in collaboration with successful executives and investment professionals. BioStar has invested in transformational technologies that have helped hundreds of thousands of patients while reducing costs and often addressing the unmet needs of the under-represented in the healthcare system.

BioStar’s unique Medical Venture Partner (MVP) Model maximizes fund performance through unparalleled physician relationships as investors, and partners in the fund’s carry. Unique to venture, the MVP network can activate research sites, encourage system evaluations, influence sound purchasing decisions, provide podium appeal, lead key SAB discussions, provide deep insight into FDA regulatory processes, support portfolio companies, and utilize widespread connections to the healthcare industry.

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