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BioStar Capital Leadership Team | Steve Yakubov MD

Steven Yakubov, MD

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Dr. Steven Yakubov is an interventional cardiologist, Medical Director of the Ohio Health Research Institute, and System Director of Structural Heart at Riverside Methodist Hospital, home to one of the busiest interventional cardiovascular programs in the world, and has been involved with over 75 active clinical trials involving interventional cardiology, peripheral vascular medicine, and electrophysiology.  Dr. Yakubov received his MD from the Northeastern Ohio University College of Medicine combining both college and medical educations in a fast track accelerated medical education program after only a high school education. He is now generally accepted as one of the world’s experts in structural heart disease and has led many publications, research protocols and trans-catheter aortic valve replacement protocols with Harvard Medical research teams as well as mitral and tricuspid innovations.
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