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Our team includes healthcare executives, venture capitalists, physician inventors and practitioners as well as FDA experts. BioStar Capital’s select team of Medical Venture Partners (MVPs) collaborates with the leadership team to evaluate clinical significance, intellectual property, likelihood of market acceptance, competition, re-imbursement models, and the likelihood of exit prior to any investment.

Past & Present Medical Venture Partners (MVPs)
Steven Ajluni, MD
Anish Amin, MD

Tony Das, MD
Alan Davis, MD
Carl Deirmengian, MD

Peter Fitzgerald, MD, PhD
Jon George, MD, MBA
Ricardo Hanel, MD, PhD

David Kandzari, MD
Ilana Kutinsky, DO
Jim Krieg, MD
Chris Metzger, MD
Duane Pinto, MD

Vivek Y. Reddy, MD
Frank Shannon, MD

Gregg W. Stone, MD

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